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 Anarkali style salwar kameez is very popular among bollywood stars.Anarkali suits worn by popular celebrities became very famous in bollywood fashion trend for over two decade since 1970’s.

           Anarkali salwar  suits became popular by Madhubala in the song ‘Pyar kiya to darna kya’ from ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ and Madhuri in the song ‘Aaja Nachle’ from the movie ‘Aaja Nachle’.

              In 1970's and 80's bollywood actresses like Rekha, Parveen Babi, Jayaprada, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit, Neelam and then Divya Bharti brought this Anarkali salwar  style trend in bollywood fashion. Bottom of this kameez called as skirt was simple plain umbrella pattern and top of kameez say blouse or choli is made up of same shiny shimmery chiffon or china silk material. Anarkali_Salwar_Kameez It is of the same material as the skirt or contrast colored cotton material mostly with embroidery work. Neck designs of choli were popular as stand collar or china collar with full sleeves up to wrist and balloon or puffy sleeves at shoulder.
                      Anarkali salwar suits are perfect party wear and look elegant on anyone who wears it. With all the latest designers focusing on Anarkali outfits these days, there are plenty of variations in designs and patterns. Simple suits are replaced with embroidery work, mirror work, velvet patches, paneled work, kundan work to name a few.

Art Silk Salwar Kameez Trends: When it comes to celebrations, getting the right outfit becomes most important, especially for women. It can be said that without the right outfit, there is no fun in indulging in revelry and merriment. With a plethora of fabrics and styles to choose from, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right outfit for the right occasion. Though trendy Designer Wear outfits have become more popular nowadays in 2010, its advisable to stick to vintage classics when it comes to traditional events such as festivals, parties, weddings, etc. Lustrous silk Salwar Kameez prove to be the ideal outfit for such occasions.

Friends and near ones, that’s the essence of any party gathering. For such social gathering one has to wear the best fashionable dress. Undoubtedly, women take the lead role in any such party meeting, either as a hostess or a guest. Dressed with fashionable art silk salwar kameez, they literally guide the party to its graceful rendezvous. Be it any wedding party, engagement party, reception party or any other occasion for celebration, salwar kameez dress materials match perfectly with that great moment. Thus, ladies always prefer designer salwar kameez as the ideal party wear.

Art Silk Salwar kameez is perfectly suitable for a tropical countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, one can put on salwar kameez in any climate. Whether in the summer seasons or in winter, salwar suit makes you comfortable. Salwar suits fabrics comes in various styles and forms. A little change in designing or color can transform Art Silk salwar kameez in various fashionable style of wear like formal or casual. With the concept of globalization, fashion trend has gone into a sea change in modern world, but salwar suits still remains the topmost favorite for all party rendezvous.
Indian Regualr Salwar:
Harem Type Pants full tapering slightly to cuff with draw string waist.This is traditional salwar which normally used in Indian clothing.

Patiala Salwar:
Patiala Salwar from Punjab.This patiala salwar have pleats from waist.Make folds behind your legs.Most of the regular punjabi salwars which is not exactly patiala salwar, with draw string waist.

Churidaar Salwar:
Narrow fitting from the knee down extra long to gather at ankle making it look like bangles.But loose fitting above knees.Churi means Bangles in Hindi.

Boot Cut Salwar:
Normal Parallel salwar which have flairs at the bottom on each side ,with elastic waist.

Split Salwar:
Split Salwar is parallel pant with front split usually decorated ,with elastic waist.

Pleated Salwar:
Pleated Salwar has pleats all around each legs.Pleated from waist to down with draw string waist.

Sharara Salwar:
Sharara Salwar is wide legs pants looks like full skirt with draw string waist.

Parallel Salwar:
Parallel Salwar looks like normal pants.Normally worn with short top or kameez with elastic waist.
Indian Dupatta:

A salwar kameez is incomplete without a dupatta. Salwar kameez with dupatta is called salwar dupatta. Dupatta is a rectangular piece of cloth, embroider or plain measuring two and a half to three down the back or wrapped around the shoulder. Dupatta in red color is common among the women, women call it lal dupatta.

One is to drape over the head. The other way is the middle portion of the dupatta rested on the chest like a garland with both ends thrown over each respective shoulder. When the dupatta resting is worn along with the salwar kameez it is casually allowed to flow down the front and back, pinned in neat folds over just one shoulder, sometimes the two inner ends are knotted together over the other shoulder to form a cowl-like pattern, otherwise it generally drapes down the front and back. Both ends are also allowed to hang down the front, covering both breasts or one end circles the neck and is thrown back over the same shoulder. It is also known as odhini.

SIGNIFICANCE OF INDIAN DUPATTA : Indian dupatta has a lot of significance. women wear it over the head as a mark of respect while going to worship and talking to the elders.

As a fashion garment Indian salwar dupatta is an attractive accessory that looks graceful and breaks the monotony of the dress. A plain silken or cotton salwar kameez dupata set ensemble can look simple an elegant when worn with a heavily embroidered or sequined indian dupatta decorated with a beautiful border. Just a change of dupata or the manner in which it is drape adds new dimensions to the outfit.In Himachal it is used as a headscarf knotted at the back of the head and is called dhathu.

Round the neck, it is worn with jeans, sometimes improvising as a sarong or as a turban or a sash the dupatta lends itself to imaginative dressing.Rajasthani laal dupattas with tie and dye strips in colourful contrast are known as laharia. Laharia means one that ripples in the wind. This refers not just to the dupatta that flutters but also the bold stripes on it that are formed like ripples.

Various known as the dupatta, orhni, chaddar-this headscarf or shoulder-scarf is also called the chunari in Gujarat. Chunari is the term used for the famous tie and dye work of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Indian salwar dupattas are available in many fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, polyester,etc. It is available in almost all the colors and in different patterns like embroidered, plain, zardosi work, printed, and many other forms. The Indian salwar dupattas are available in different ranges depending upon the fabric used.
Indian Salwar Kameez:Almost every season we seem to modify the existing styles in fashion and come up with something new. Now days, the entire girl crowd is rushing towards Indian salwars. Whether its partials, short kurtas, churidars, salwars, trouser pants etc girls just love to wear.
Salwar is indeed a very comfortable outfit. Especially in summers, when the temperatures are shooting up, everybody tries to wear light clothes.
Recently, the trend of wearing a printed cotton salwar with a plain kurta is gaining quick popularity. Whether one plans to go to the office or to college, almost every girl resorts to this option.
Indian salwar has become a very comfortable option. Also these fabrics are available in all kinds of fabrics ranging from crepe to silk to cotton. Indians preferably wear salwar in order to escape from this scorching temperature. Apart from this Indian salwar, if stitched properly does give an elegant look. Even the west is deeply inspired by this art of wearing an Indian salwar.
Indo Western Salwar Suits

The combination of the styles in both Indian clothing and western clothing gives rise to indo western. Deep neck, short length kurtis, trouser, capri pants, parallels and many more styles comprise of indo western styles.

Indo western suits have given a new look to salwar kameez. These indo western suits are very much popular in office wear, party wear, weddings etc.

Due to the latest indo western suit styles, young girls prefer to go with these stylish outfits.These indo weatern salwar suits are specially designed to give western look.

Fashion is changing from time to time. Traditional outfits have been changed to Indo-western wear with variety of styles and looks. Indo-western is basically a fusion of Indian traditional outfits and western apparels. A marvelous collection of Indo-western range is in vogue now days. Formal salwar kameez has now taken totally different look with different necklines, hemlines, sleeve styles, cut styles, length with long slits and deep cuts.
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